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What Is Madras Inherited?

Madras Inherited is an initiative started by a team who are passionate about making significant changes in the domain of heritage. The initiative's main focus is on ‘Heritage Management’ under which our scope of work includes: 'Cultural Heritage Tourism', predominantly focusing on Heritage Walks, 'Heritage Education and Awareness' for schools, colleges and the community, and 'Research and Development', which aims to start a progressive research unit focusing on understanding and analysing various facets of heritage related to the city and collect data to revitalize the same.

The data collected through this process would be later utilized through integrated 'Heritage Management and Documentation' projects with government agencies and publications.
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The next available dates for the walks will be updated after the lock down ceases.

At Madras Inherited we believe that walking through the city is the most intimate and authentic way to experience its culture, understand its nuances and appreciate the complex stories that have made it what it is today. Our heritage walks are diligently researched and carefully curated to present a holistic narrative of each of our 12 routes.

Each walk is themed and we explore a diverse set of topics from colonial history and architecture to local politics and commercial history. Check out our walk schedule to find a heritage walk you can attend this weekend!

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Take a look at what we do!

We’re always looking at new and exciting ways to facilitate engagement between the people of Chennai and the heritage of their city. With ‘Heritage Education’ syllabi for schools and colleges, we’re developing ways to take the idea of heritage sensitivity to the grassroots level. Our outreach events range from doing heritage walks for schoolchildren to pop-up place-making events in public spaces to engage the general public and start a conversation about Chennai’s eclectic culture, communities and history. We’ve also worked with the local administrative bodies in Chennai such as the CMDA to list heritage buildings in the city. Our ‘Projects & Outreach’ page is a summary of our journey towards greater heritage sensitivity and conservation in Chennai.

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"Madras Inherited looks back at their stories and the lives behind these sturdy facades."

The Hindu

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"Restoring heritage one brick at a time."

The Hindu

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"Preserving Chennai's vanishing heritage."

Dina Thanthi (DT Next)

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"Madras Inherited to unravel city's greatest architectural treasures."

The Hindu

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"Immersive heritage walk served as time travel for our young children."

Bhumi (NGO) - Blog

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Want to get in touch with us?

Want to book a private heritage walk with Madras Inherited? Looking to partner with us to curate events in Chennai? Or maybe you just want to talk about everything Madras! Leave us an email or drop by the Madras Inherited office.

Address: 46, B Ramachandra Adithanar Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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