The Zero Where It All Starts

How often have we cared for ‘milestones’ when it’s not in the context of growth spurts, life achievements and metaphors? If not to check out the name of the village you’re passing by on the way to the city, would you even stop to check out the ones on the highways? In that case, how likely are you to notice a nondescript member of this family almost camouflaged near the wall on the busy stretch of Muthuswamy Road? If your answer is in the negative, well, you should probably slow down and take a closer look the next time around. For, tucked away in this overlooked part of the city, is a piece of uncherished heritage — our very own 0 km milestone.

“In capital cities around the world, the kilometre zero — also known by names such as zero stone, point zero, or zero marker — is a..."

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