The Crown Bakery

Photo by: Binsan Oommen Baby | @binsanoommen

One of the oldest bakeries in the city, The Crown Bakery was opened in 1905 by Kandhasamy Mudaliar. The family that runs the bakery at present are descendants of Manickadevar who used to help at the bakery since he was a child. When the owner died, his wife put him in charge, and would take a monthly fee; later, she passed on the business to him. The bakery has lived through some poignant moments in history, especially during the World Wars when it used to ration out bread to the people and the army. The shop's specialty is their bread, bun and plum cakes. What set Crown Bakery apart was their natural wood fire bread. But recently, they switched to ovens.

Research Source: The Hindu

Location: The Crown Bakery