Tracing Legacies

The streets and localities of Chennai have changed and expanded over the years and along with them, their names. Have you ever paused and wondered where a particular road or area name had its origins in and how it finds itself being pronounced differently today? 'Tracing Legacies' is a project by Madras Inherited, in collaboration with the amazing Solaiappan Ramaswamy that intends to present these stories. Check out his work here!

Colour Away!

Who doesn't love colouring sheets? And if that colouring sheet had buildings from the city, that just makes it better! Madras Inherited has partnered with an amazing artist, Vinu, and come up with a set of colouring sheets that we hope takes you on a journey. You can check out Vinu's work here!

Have You Been Here?

Shining some light on lesser-known heritage in the city and adding to your list of places to explore in the city!

Local Lores

We'll be embarking on journeys of discovery, uncovering little pieces of history and heritage scattered across the city on this exciting, new collaboration with The New Indian Express.


Chennai is home to diverse vegetation, some native and some foreign. Awareness about them is minimal, with the native names being rarely used. 'Marupeyar' is a social media project by Madras Inherited and Care Earth Trust, where we will be bringing to you not only the Tamizh names of commonly seen vegetation in the city, but also quick trivia that will help you understand them better.

2022 Calendar

Have you scanned the QR on the calendar? Do you want to find where it will take you?