Everybody's Triplicane Away from the steel and glass Chennai, Triplicane is one of the localities that represents the most vibrant memories of Madras we have left. It is a collage of cultures, architectural styles and heritage of Indian communities who built it over many centuries. The character of Triplicane changes from street to street, encapsulating the many diverse and intriguing stories of its people. As we walk from the Wallajah Mosque to the Parthasarathy Temple, the story of this eclectic neighbourhood unveils itself in the form of old houses, institutions, traditions and lore.

Come walk with us through the Triplicane of the grand old temple, the Nawabs, the cinephiles, the meddling Englishmen and the bachelor's mansions.

Discover everybody's Triplicane!

Focus:   Community, History and Architecture
Research Duration:   3 Months