T Nagar: A Legacy of Trade and Justice Tamil Nadu politics are unique. So are our silk sarees. T.Nagar is the confluence of both! This area was born out of the rise of the revolutionary politics of the 'Justice' party that has changed Dravidian politics ever since.

The story of T Nagar is the story of the two most influential things in the city of Madras - politics and business. From the revolutionaries who changed the face of national politics, to the traders who became case studies for the biggest conglomerates in the country, T Nagar has thrived over 100 years as an area of great socio-economic influence.

Walk with us to discover the stories behind some of the city's most beloved businesses and learn about the origins of the first planned neighbourhood of Madras and the firebrand political movement that grew contemporary to it.

"I liked the sheer passion with which it was conducted."
- Walk participant

Focus:   Trade and Politics
Research Duration:   2 Months