Tracing the Skyline of Rajaji Salai A walk down Rajaji Salai is a walk down history. In the heydays of the British conquest, this road was chosen to be the perfect canvas to exhibit the might and splendour of the conquerors. Establishments such as the General Post Office, the State Bank of India, and the HSBC Bank, to name a few, came to be painted on this canvas, welcoming sailors, merchants, and traders with a sight so majestic, that one can visualise it even today. Over decades it came to house other important spaces such as the Burma Bazaar and the Chennai Beach Railway Station and operates with a pulse unique to the road.

Join us as we walk down this impressive stretch and discover initiatives and stories that have transformed the North Beach Road over time, and has contributed to its significant role in the commercial and architectural history of the city.

Focus:   History, Planning, Architecture
Research Duration:   3 Months