Colours of Pondicherry The history of Pondicherry goes back to before Roman times when it was a flourishing trade centre and had an ensuing rich maritime history. It was the French who changed the history and landscape of the town, a change so monumental that it can be perceived even today.

A stroll through the streets of Pondicherry will greet one with a myriad of colours creating an elegant backdrop to the streets. The facades of the buildings are charming but there is more to these buildings than just their colours - they are splendid examples of diverse architectural styles and sensitive conservation processes.

Join us on a fascinating tour of Pondicherry, an experience that will be a captivating combination of visual delight and local history.

"It felt like a beautiful little escape from a very monotonous and tiring life & also I got to learn a lot."
- Walk participant

This is a virtual walk

Focus:   Community, History and Architecture
Research Duration:   2 Months