Along the Pantheon Ezhumbur, as Egmore is beautifully known in Tamil, is a locality with a historical narrative that sets its apart from the rest of the city. Having seen extensive transformations and growth under various native rulers and Southern empires, and later the colonisers, the Egmore of today is a spectacular amalgamation of some of the finest institutions and residences, and large-scale urban growth and development.

The architecture and history of these heritage structures reflect the illustrious past of the area while continuing to redefine its present; there is no better road than Pantheon Road to experience this gloriousness and absorb the air of brilliance that the locality exudes.

Join us as we walk along the Pantheon and immerse ourselves in the Egmore of the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s, and regale in the stories of the people and community that have contributed to shaping this significant locality.

Focus:   History and Architecture
Research Duration:   3 Months