By the Coast of Madras Ep. 01 Isn’t the beach among the first few places that one recalls when someone says ‘public space in Chennai’? The beach and the coast have long played a major role in influencing the socio-economic and architectural fabric of Chennai.

Join us on ‘By the Coast’, a series of walks where we take a stroll along the coast, experience and understand the impact it has had on the planning, designing and building of the city.

Through the walk, we explore stories and incidents that have transformed the canvas alongside the coast into one exuding strength, power, and magnificence.

Focus:   History, Planning, Architecture
Research Duration:   3 Months
Date:   April 29, 2023
Price:   Standard: Rs 700 & Students: Rs 450 Book Now! In case you would like to book a physical heritage walk for a group, please write to us at