TTDC Proposal

Scope of Work: Conducting heritage walks with TTDC (TamilNadu Tourism Development Corporation) as the facilitator in association with us.

Duration: 1 year and 6 months

â Create awareness among tourists about key historic areas in the city.
â Help tourists relate to the historic parts of the city in a more personal and intimate manner.
â Draw the tourists into areas of rich cultural and architectural heritage which are not in the tourists itinerary.
â Increased number of visitors results in heightened sensitivity of the local populace towards the historic value of settlements and encourages local communities to preserve their own heritage and inculcate a sense of pride and appreciation among them.
â Promote community based conservation efforts involving the local population, tourists, governmental agencies as well as local organisations.

Madras Inherited's Scope of Work - Phase 1:
â Mapping of routes along with specific itineraries.
â Research and structuring of walks - both historical and architectural content for the heritage walks.
â Leading the heritage walks with the TTDC being the facilitator of the process - the walks would be conducted both in English, Tamil and foreign languages if required.
â Implementation of heritage resource programmes focused on training volunteers or guides, a total 10 in number who will be the Heritage Resource Persons (HRP) to lead the heritage walks and preparing training manuals for the same purpose.
â Marketing and promotions including documentation of walks through photographs and video documentation which will be shared with the TTDC.
â Designing and content development of brochure, handout, route maps, self guiding booklets, souvenirs and merchandise - for marketing and promotions purposes. This would be both in hard copy and digitally as well.
â Preparation of quarterly reports based on the feedback forms that will be specifically developed for this purpose.
â Marketing and promotions for the heritage walks.

TTDC Scope of Work: â Facilitate the process of heritage walks in the city.
â Marketing and promotions through the official TTDC website and prominent social media for tourists to acquire information. The official website will be used as the site to book the tickets for the heritage walk packages. The official website would also be used for the tourists to register their interests and for feedback/grievance redress.