Signage for Thyagaraya Nagar

T Nagar has many types of buildings which need signage to educate the public about their history. Sensitively placed signage can respect the architecture of the building and enhance the user experience.

The proposal focuses on designing signage that provides information on the facilities in the area and allows for easy navigation to heritage buildings and places of interest. The signage project helps to preserve the identity of the place and creates a sense of association between the heritage buildings and the community and residents of the area.

The proposal works towards providing consultancy services for architectural details and designing for historical, area and ecological signages in T Nagar.

â To design modern digital signage to give identity and recognition to the commercial and political heritage of this area
â To design signage that indicates that T Nagar is a Smart City ADP and highlights it as a heritage area. The purpose of the signage is to make the area easily identifiable and encourage people to explore. The proposal aims to design digital signages that can be used to relay other information as well such as traffic diversions, weather updates, etc.
â To create navigation maps, shopping guides and heritage trail suggestions to help people explore T Nagar. Trail markers will allow people to explore the area by themselves. They are useful to understand the scope and scale of an area and its historical locations.
â To create signage that is placed in front of important buildings and parks to inform and alert people of their historical significance. Facilities available on touchscreen panels would be wayfindings maps, historical information about T Nagar, Helpline Numbers and shopping guides.
â To design signages that focus on naming and numbering trees in T Nagar.
â To create murals and graffiti in the area, that allow for people to engage with their heritage. The proposal aims to create murals that make the area feel relatable and attractive, complementing the heritage in the area which will make way for new economic opportunities through art.

Scope of Work:
â Designing and detailing of signages and trails with specifications, identification of vendors and procuring quotation.