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Madras Inherited has worked with government agencies such as the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority on heritage listing and documentation projects. We look forward to engaging with government agencies to further the cause of heritage conservation and sensitivity in the city.


Bringing the people of Chennai closer to their heritage is at the heart of everything we do at Madras Inherited. While a great number of heritage enthusiasts and curious explorers join us on our heritage walks and workshops, the outreach programs attempt to go beyond this demographic and create instances in the city where people stumble upon events and installations where they get to reconnect with the city's many stories and cultures.

Heritage Education

Heritage is our legacy and cultural identity that we pass on to the next generation. Tangible heritage, such as monuments, groups of buildings, historic and natural sites and intangible heritage such as oral traditions, performing arts and local knowledge systems form the city's heritage.

The vision of introducing Heritage Education at the school level stems from the need to broaden awareness about the state of heritage in the city and its preservation. It is vital to ensure that the students comprehend the rich heritage of the city in all its capacity and develop the drive to conserve and preserve all forms of this heritage. Furthermore, integrating Heritage Education along with the school curriculum will enable students to have a holistic understanding of the history, architecture and heritage of the city.

The syllabus has been designed in phases wherein each phase will deal with one module in larger detail. Each module has been conceived in a manner that ensures that all aspects of heritage are covered and translated across to the students in the form of presentations, field trips and activity sessions.