'Casino' Madras Notebook

As the 2022 World Heritage Week comes to an end, we continue our tradition of creating a product that celebrates the city. Last year, we brought the 'Made in Madras' map poster; this year, we bring to you the second in our notebook series!

Our city is home to iconic landmarks that define its very character while standing as a testament to its rich past. But, there have been many tangible edifices that haven't had patronage or direction and have lost in the fight to survive. At Madras Inherited, we hope to offer some of them a fresh lease of life, although incomparable, through our notebooks that will prominently display the lost glory of these spectacular structures.

The second in the series is a cinema theatre that continues to stand, albeit in a modified form - Casino Theatre. A legendary theatre, it has seen a drastic change in its facade in the recent past. Here's our attempt to capture this beautiful structure, in a way that it remains immortal :)

And the best part? We have two options for you! You could choose the notepad or the notebook, or both!

Specifications of the notepad -

Dimensions: 14.5 cms x 10 cms

No of Pages: 25

Paper: 300 GSM Mill Board for the cover, 180 NS for the inside pages

Binding: Wiro binding

Price: Rs. 99/- (shipping charges are extra)

Specifications of the notebook -

Dimensions: 14 cms x 20 cms

No of Pages: 26

Paper: 300 GSM Mill Board for the cover, 180 NS for the inside pages

Binding: Staple binding

Price: Rs. 149/- (shipping charges are extra)

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