Deco in Madras

The landscapes and moments that make Madras are best captured by the eye as the city lives and moves, but photographs come a close second. They allow us to carry small, yet priceless pieces of the place we come from wherever we go. This Madras week, we want to share with you a project that is very close to our heart, to give you snippets of your city to take with you wherever you are.

'Deco in Madras' looks at the majestic buildings peppered across our city and frames them for posterity. It is the first set of prints in our Fine Art series, in the aspiration to capture all that makes Madras, an emotion so personal and unique, even as it is collective to all of us.


Available in A5 to A3 sizes

• A5 - Set of 5 for Rs. 500

• A4 - Rs. 250 (without framing)

• A3 - Rs. 400 (without framing)

*shipping charges extra

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Photos by: Binsan Oommen Baby